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LJ PEOPLE. HI GUYS HI! I miss you like CRAZY. Also, I'm not back, really. I have been blogging in exile, and if you want a piece of me, come visit Apocalypse Weather and say hi and snuggle up beside me and remind me what it's like to live inside the internet.

But I'm here for a reason, and that reason is fic, and that fic has a reason, and that reason is runpunkrun, and the X-Files. Here's a mirror of the blog post I wrote, and the fic link:

So I've been doing an X-Files rewatch, trying to be more charitable to that Public Enemy Number One, Chris Carter. The torture he put us through, the hamhanded way he mangled Mulder and Scully's relationship in the later seasons, the terrible tale of Scully's baby, all of it a series of windmilled slaps in the face to the legions of devoted fans who gave seven years to that relationship and expected just the tiniest bit of payoff. (And the less said about I Want To Believe, the better.)

While I was being charitable, though, I watched season 7 as if I weren't a shipper, as if the only details about Mulder and Scully's relationships I got were the ones actually telegraphed in text, not off-camera. And I tell you what -- before it's all unspooled in season 8 -- the romance is there, it's real, it's text.

Say what you will about their relationship in the previous season; the shippers will believe there's romance there and the noromos never will, but the truth, that Truth with a capital T, is in there in season 7 and can't be denied.

Mulder and Scully kiss at the end of "Millennium." It's right there. "The world didn't end," says Mulder. "No, it didn't," says Scully. And they leave arm in arm.

They sleep together in "all things." Scully wakes up, gets dressed, and the camera pans to take in Mulder's sleeping form, sprawled out across her bed. And if that weren't enough, when Scully goes to talk to her old lover Daniel, and he tells her he moved to DC for her, she confesses, "you've come at such a strange time." And when he suggests she has a life, she sighs, "I don't know what I have." There's almost no way to read that -- unless you really do some mental gymnastics -- that doesn't suggest that Mulder and Scully have moved their relationship into new territory, and I want to believe that they kept up this sexual relationship throughout season 7. The text would seem to support it, too.

Later, somewhere in fucking season 9, or something, a mysterious figure who's been stalking Scully says something to the tune of, "one lonely night, you invited Mulder into your bed." Which does seem to suggest that they only had sex that one time, but the timing of the birth is all wrong if we're really to believe that baby came from sex, so I defend my previous allegation that they sleep together for the balance of the second half of season 7. Also, everything that happens in season 9 is stupid and not worth considering.

In my early X-Files days, I was so obsessed with Scully that I assumed Mulder was the one in love with her, and that she was the one who was cool, aloof, too good for him. In this rewatch it really seems to be the other way around; Scully is unquestionably in love with that man, and Mulder's just too set in his ways to even be open to a relationship.

With that in mind, I wrote some fanfic. Punk helped, held my hand through the hard parts and reminded me why I got into this business in the first place. And I wrote something new, for me, something tender and shippy and not at all callous (which has been my go-to for XF fic in the past).

I flipped randomly through books for the title: it ended up being called As Real As Soap. And strangely, though it builds to the sex, there's no sex in the story, which you might think is a cop out on my part and I would totally agree. I said to Punk, "I just don't think I can write sex that's as good as the sex Mulder and Scully would have." So I cheated. Sue me.

Now that I'm off Livejournal I'm out of the social circle that promises me lots of feedback, so if you do get around to reading this, leave me a comment, eh? It's been a long time since I've been on this particular horse, and I'd love to know if I made the jump or fell off somewhere in the ravine.

Go on, now: As Real As Soap, Mulder/Scully, rated T for Teen, 2309 words.
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8th-May-2011 09:42 am - Remix '09!
Ah, remix reveal season, where young writers' fancies turn to thoughts of going back and reading the originals of stuff! (That's what I'm doing this morning).

Still, in light of the grandissimo unveiling AND all the hard work of Victoria P and her crew AND the challenge-supporting power of AO3, here's what happened to ME this week.

First, Astrogirl wrote Falling Down To Midnight (The Drum Duet Remix) of my Ten & Master missing-year story Give Up The Ghost. Astrogirl manages creepy language, the frustration and ego of both the Doctor and the Master, and she writes a very believable and fascinating relationship between the Doctor and the Valiant's archangel network. Everybody who misses Ten/Simm!Master should read this. So should everybody else. Thank you SO HARD for adding this spice and backstory and texture and to what I laid out there for you. Astrogirl totally wins at remix.

Then, I done wrote two remices myself! Wanna read them? You DO? AWESOME.

First, for Sangerin, my assignee, I was lucky enough to find a the cache of Into the Woods fiction ripe for the remixing.

I wrote To Get The Thing That Makes It Worth The Journeying (Festival Remix), remixing Sangerin's original Baker's Wife/Cinderella femslash into a slightly bigger story about the Baker's Wife and where she fits into all these stories. It was a thrill and a half to write this story and I definitely won the assignment lottery.

(In other amusing news, Sangerin and I have remixed each other before. Several years ago I wrote a Buffy remix of one of Sangerin's stories, a Cordelia/alt!Cordelia femslash sort of thing. And, perhaps that same year, Sangerin wrote a remix of a ST:VOY story I had written. Go poke around our AO3 accounts iffen you wanna see them. Anyway, Sangerin is a great remixer and remixee, though in this case she has apparently not read my remix yet so I'm holding out to see what she thinks of my Into the Woods remix of her beautiful femslash.)

Plus, also, I wrote a Madness thing, because it was OZ and it was THERE. I've never written anything in the Baum Oz-verse (I don't think?) despite it being a childhood obsession of mine. I remixed Gray_Cardinal's absolutely AMAZING The Solitary Sorceress of Oz, a pitch-perfect moment of magic between Trot and Ozma and I turned it into a little more of an Ozian quest story in The Magic of Us (The Wooden Leg Remix) and it was so much fun I felt like I was being given a gift for the opportunity to remix in Oz. I got to write the Sawhorse! And Cap'n Bill! Who gets lucky like that? Lucky people, that's who.

Anyway, if you're in the mood for some dark and awesome Ten/Master, read Falling Down To Midnight (The Drum Duet Remix) by the one and only Sangerin.

If you're one of those people like me who can't get enough Into the Woods, go read my remix To Get The Thing That Makes It Worth The Journeying (Festival Remix) and then the story it was based on and then the rest of the ITW fic on AO3. One of 'em in there's an old present for me!

And then if you're among the rare and precious out of print fans who swear by the original Baum Fourteen Oz novels, please go read my remix, The Magic of Us (The Wooden Leg Remix), then everything else in the Oz index on AO3, particularly anything written by my amazing remixee, Gray_Cardinal.

And then leave comments? Kudos are nice, but comments have PROTEIN and FIBER and provide a SHINY MANE AND TAIL!

PS. What's the code to add the little AO3 favicon to usernames? Also apparently I've been gone so long lj user equals no longer works. What about the DW favicon? Thanks!
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27th-Apr-2011 04:39 pm - remix 9 ♥
It's me! If you've been looking, I'm a twitterer now (though I still try to read my lj flist) but, more importantly, I finished my REMIX! (12 hours late because of all that time-consuming TENSE-SWITCHING)

Still! May 1st! Cannot WAIT!
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Courtesy of an e-mail from my dad. Apocryphal? Maybe, but funny:

From yesterdays Bristol Evening Post:

Outside Bristol Zoo is the car park, with spaces for 150 cars and 8 coaches. It has been manned 6 days a week for 23 years by the same charming and very polite car park attendant with the ticket machine. The charges are £1. per car and £5. per coach.

On Monday 1 June, he did not turn up for work. Bristol Zoo management phoned Bristol City Council to ask them to send a replacement parking attendant.

The Council said "That car park is your responsibility." The Zoo said "The attendant was employed by the City Council... wasn't he?" The Council said "What attendant?"

Gone missing from his home is a man who has been taking daily the car park fees amounting to about £400. per day for the last 23 years...!

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So I no longer feel oppressed by the JJ Star Trek movie, in case you were worried. I've been watching various TNG eps this week, not in any particular order, just browsing around for episodes I haven't seen in a while or for ones I especially jonesed for. And so at the end of the day I realize I'm just blissed out now because there IS a new Star Trek movie, and what's more I haven't SEEN it yet, which means NEW STAR TREK for ME!

How long has it been?! Years, I say. And the last thing we got was Nemesis anyway, which, okay, some of you may have enjoyed but I personally found painfully stupid.

Anyway, NEW STAR TREK! By all accounts, AWESOME new Star Trek, by the ultimate fanboy JJ.

Now it's just about getting my everlovin' arse to the theater.
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I am the old school sort of -- started in 1987 with the first season of TNG -- Trekkie who grew up on the shows, entered fandom through Trek fandom, entered sci-fi through Trek sci-fi, and so on and so forth, I've seen every episode of every series (except "Enterprise") about four point four zillion times and am in fact one of those people who knows why the Justman was named for Justman and why the Jeffries tubes were named for Jeffries...

So why have I not seen the JJ movie yet? I even BOUGHT tickets for it at the Arclight, then couldn't make the show and now have free vouchers sitting around in my wallet just waiting for me.

I have so much Trek in my blood it runs Vulcan green some times. So why haven't I seen this movie yet?

I can tell you the name of Kirk's fiance, Picard's nephew, Sisko's father, Janeway's dog.

So, what? Is it because movies are dead to me? Is it because I love teevee so much and Trek teevee so much (yes, yes, the orig. even-numbered movies are still acceptable, TOS: The Voyage Home and TNG: First Contact are the best of the batch) that I'm not ready to translate it to a 21st century big screen? Am I just afraid of Karl Urban as Bones? Do I just lack the attention span to sit through a movie? Am I afraid of tumbling fully formed and wiser with experience into the new bounding Trek fandom? Are we ALL going to collapse under its weight? Is the new spate of Kirk/Spock fics making me defensive for the old Greywolf the Wanderer ouvre? Am I just being a BOFQ?

*holds head*

Seriously, what's wrong with me???
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3rd-Jun-2009 12:31 pm - spring is for ficathons
My remixthedrabble drabbles are off to that great drabble inbox in the sky (sophinisba) and waiting for the reveal.

I may or may not be bailing on my first multiverse5000 prompt in the favor of doing a better job on the second one. Punk's on board to help me decide.

I signed up for the Remix/Redux, my favorite time of year. And if I do kink-bingo it'll just be the last two from LAST year's bingo. I bet thingswithwings will let me sneak it in.


Because the thing is, it's not really about word length. I mean, the Multiverse stories have no minimum length, and the drabbles were exactly 100 words, but a COMPLETE fic is not necessarily a GOOD fic.

in which I make some noise about writing, remixing, Multiverse, and the Flying Spaghetti MonsterCollapse )
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13th-May-2009 08:14 pm - I love Earth!
Facebook asked me to assemble a team of five people to save the world. I picked Ten, of course, and also Greg House (in case there's a crazy brain worm epidemic), Martha Jones (she did it once before pretty well), Captain Kathryn Janeway (who also saved the world a couple times before, and is quite fond of Earth), and Rodney McKay, for obvious reasons.

I did point out that until House and Rodney shut their traps and let the Doctor be in charge (BECAUSE HE'S A TIME LORD, WHAT) we'd mostly just be left to languish in an apocalypse, but I figure Janeway's the one with the military background who'll snap them to attention pretty quick, and she's smart enough about aliens to know to trust the Doctor.

And then, seriously? Ten, House, Rodney, Martha, and Janeway saving the world? I PITY the apocalypse that tries to take their asses down.

Now, will someone write me that XO?
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4th-May-2009 07:34 pm - in a race around the world
In reality TV news:

the amazing raceCollapse )

survivorCollapse )

And if it means anything to anyone: GO PAULA, in that atrocity that is Hell's Kitchen.
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3rd-May-2009 01:41 pm - AND DANCE BY THE LIGHT OF THE MOON!
Holy crap, kids! It's the thirtysomething DVDs! At long, loooooooong last!

Thanks to silsbee329 for the head's up -- I wrote her a thirtysomething Yuletide story two years ago and she sought me out to give me the good news.

And such good news it is!
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