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after me, the deluge
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I revise and prune my friends' list like a spasmodic gardener. People go and come back. It's kind of like time travel.

Fanfic's at fromthesabrary, and as of Summer '08 I am engaging fannishly with Slings & Arrows and Doctor Who with real commitment, NCIS, Bones, Torchwood, and SGA with less commitment. Big giant love for Hustle, Mad Men and Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Revisited fandoms also include Green Wing, Teachers, The Book Group, Black Books, and HIMYM. Other historical fandoms included The Office (US), Dark Angel, House, Scrubs, Family Guy, Bones, M*A*S*H, Band of Brothers, Firefly, BSG, Babylon 5, X-Files, ST: DS9, ST: VOY, The West Wing, Sports Night, Due South, Farscape, Jeremiah,and also Cheers. But I'll talk about anything.

I'm all about communal fanworks, so if you want to remix/sequel/podfic/illustrate any of my stories, no need to even ask. Same goes for translating into foreign languages. Just don't make money off me and we're cool like three Fonzies.

LJ: [emergency contact info]

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30 rock, a.m. homes, al gore, alanis morissette, alton brown, amelia earhart, angels in america, apocalypse weather, arrested development, ativan, babylon 5, band of brothers, barack obama, bbc miniseries, beecher/keller, benjamin franklin "hawkeye" pierce, big cats, black books, blue moon orchestra, bones, bradley whitford, buffy summers, carnivores, cheers, chronicles of prydain, cicely/roslyn, cool like three fonzies, dan/casey, david hewlett, david tennant's career, david tennant's hamlet, de-lovely, denis johnson, dickey chapelle, diner breakfast, doctor who, dog/baby, dr. martha jones, drinking during wartime, eminem, expats in africa, fan culture, fandom, fanfiction, farscape, fleischman/o'connell, futurama, geoffrey tennant's hamlet, george saunders, green wing, gyoza, h:lots, harry belafonte, hillary clinton, his dark materials, how i met your mother, j. michael straczynski, jd/cox, josephine humphreys, josh lyman, justin hall, katchoo/francine, kawi i papierosi, londo mollari, londo/g'kar, love & rockets, m*a*s*h, madonna's evita, maggie/hopey, malcolm in the middle, marijuana, michelle gomez, misanthropic geniuses, mulder/scully, my space boyfriend, nanci griffith, ncis, nellie mckay, new england, northern exposure, oz, paul gross, paul simon, paul theroux, private citizens in space, profit, punching paul gross, qi, queer as folk (uk), queer science fiction, regina spektor, richard branson, rickie lee jones, robin sparkles, russell t davies, sam/diane, scientific revolutions, scrubs, seeking my fortune, semiotics, shakespeare, short cuts, slash, slings & arrows, smoking, spectacles, spirit/opportunity, sports night, stargate atlantis, starship troopers, stephen fry, steven moffat, survivor, susan coyne, taran/eilonwy, taxi, teachers (uk), televising the revolution, temporarily misassigned civilians, textual poaching, the book group, the democratic party, the egos of doctors, the fantasticks, the hand-walking queer, the hold steady, the king of canada, the repeated meme, the tardis, the unified scene, the unit, the uso, the west wing, the x-files, the x-prize, there are many copies, thirtysomething, throwing money at problems, time travel, tom waits, tony kushner, top chef, torchwood, tragicomedies, undersea aliens, venti iced americano, web 2.0, zach braff, zork zero


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